Industry Sectors - Cloud Providers

The scalability and partner ecosystem to match your growth ambitions

When a cloud provider chooses datamena they are able to access a rapidly growing ecosystem of potential partners. This simplifies rolling out new services and gives them an increasing number of partners to choose from.

We support cloud providers with a single location where they can access network infrastructure and connect with their enterprise customers. Our facilities have been designed to make monetising your services quick and simple with a reliable and secure platform.

Performance-sensitive cloud services benefit from our low-latency network and the ability to connect to new markets efficiently.As you develop your business in the Middle East, we have the scalability, expertise and an ecosystem of potential partners to ensure you are successful.

Why should cloud providers
choose datamena?

  • Scalability to match your growth ambitions

  • Low-latency connectivity to high-growth markets

  • UAE-IX, the regional Internet Exchange with more than 30 members

  • A rapidly growing ecosystem of potential partners

  • Secure and reliable solutions

  • 99.999% SLA for power availability

  • A team committed to your success