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Efficient peering for connecting to careers, service providers, cloud and content providers

We are home to the UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX), the largest public peering exchange in the Middle East, with more than 30 members. It is a neutral platform that interconnects carriers, content and cloud providers from the globe and from the region.

The UAE-IX is in line with our vision for providing efficient access to connectivity and services in the Middle East. We are proud to be part of bringing the first carrier-neutral internet exchange platform to the region.

UAE-IX goals and vision

  • Establish regional peering to enhance content reachability delivering dramatically improved customer experience in the Middle
  • Substantial cost savings for network operators
  • Better resilience and security for the network infrastructure in the GCC region, reduced risk of outages
  • Diversity to peering in Europe and Asia
  • Digital hub for the Middle East, East Africa and West Asia

Why connect on the UAE-IX?

  • Increase the control of your network by interconnecting directly with more than 30 carriers, content and cloud companies
  • Improve customer experience by reducing latency to content providers hosted regionally, and to regional eyeballs
  • Reduce the cost of IP to a fraction of the cost of IP transit
  • Connect through 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports
  • Reliable and secure platform, managed by DE-CIX that operates the largest Internet exchange in the world, in Frankfurt

For a complete list of exchange customers to interconnect with, please visit