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Orixcom first to join UAE-IX Partner Program


Dubai, UAE, 19 Nov 2013: Orixcom Limited (Ireland), the fast-growing operator of next generation connectivity and cloud services servicing the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is pleased to announce that it has signed as the first partner with UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX), the region’s leading internet exchange, which is located in the datamena Transit Zone, in Dubai. 


As a partner Orixcom offers cost efficient peering services for customers with sub-rate traffic levels so they can now easily expand their networks in a very cost effective way e.g. 100Mb instead of a 1GE or 10GE port required for direct connection to UAE-IX. Orixcom enables this simple one-stop shop solution to UAE-IX for customers with lower traffic and capacity requirements providing access to the largest peering platform in the Middle East and an increased IP quality all through a single partner. 


“As a strong believer in open and efficient connectivity I’m very pleased that any size of customer trying to reach the Middle East and Africa now benefits from an easy and cost efficient way to access UAE-IX” said Andrew Grenville, CEO, Orixcom. “Orixcom is enabling its customers to be part of the transformation of the UAE into an international digital hub. 


“The signing of this agreement marks an exciting stage in the growth of UAE-IX and we are happy that with this partnership, Orixcom will attract new customers to UAE-IX” said Harald Summa, CEO of DE-CIX that manages the UAE-IX. 


“The UAE-IX has seen a remarkable growth since its inception and has been a key success-factor in establishing the rich ecosystem within datamena. Through this partnership, we are confident that the UAE IX and datamena proposition will be even more attractive for customers with lower traffic and capacity requirements.” said Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President, datamena.